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New Classes for 2017!

In this seminar you will learn the basics of the cane: blocks, strikes, punches, swings, grabs, etc. as well as a variety of techniques you can use to defend yourself or your loved ones.  Level one also introduces leverages and knife defense tactics. A four-day, 40-hour immersion course in the “rules of engagement” for armed law-abiding private citizens.  Live fire on 10 & 11 Oct and classroom on 31 Mar - 3 April 2016.  Eric Lamberson instructs the Live Fire and Massad Ayoob teaches the classroom. A two-day, 20-hour immersion course in rules of engagement for armed law-abiding private citizens, emphasizing legal issues, tactical issues, and aftermath management. Massad's instruction covers situations in the home, your business, or on the street.
Class Postponed MAG 40--Rules of Engagement
List Price: $800.00
Our Price: 800.00
Class Postponed: MAG 20 Classroom 1-2 April 2017
List Price: $400.00
Our Price: 400.00