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We've Finished the Basic Low Light Classes for the Year--Some Initial Thoughts: 26 Jan 14

We've finished the two basic low light courses for 2013. Not surprising, the two biggest challenges for the students were recognizing the threat targets and then hitting the threats. The students in both of these classes were generally very accomplished shooters, most have extensive experience with IDPA or USPSA. These students have very little difficultly hitting a target under normal lighting conditions.

So what is posing a challenge for them under low lighting conditions? Almost every student was shooting high on the target or (presumably) over the target. This would indicate that students are not properly aligning the sights and are subconsciously tilting the pistol up slightly in order to see the front sight better in the low light. What is the solution? Clearly, regardless of the lighting conditions you must properly align the sights and then concentrate on the front sight while simultaneously pressing the trigger. Hard to do under normal circumstances with good light--more difficult to do under low lighting conditions.

In February we will do our Intermediate Low Light course. We have learned all of the different flashlight techniques during the basic course and will now focus on effectively using those techniques while concentrating on properly aligning the sights as we press off the shots. Of course, in the intermediate course the decision based scenarios will become more challenging and proper target recognition even more important.