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Eric L. Lamberson

Sensible Self Defense, Inc. Lead Instructor, Director of Training and Course Development

An accomplished professional with over 30 years direct Military Intelligence experience in command, organizational leadership, and management of personnel and material, in domestic and combat environments. As an Army Officer and Department of the Army Civilian, led military and inter agency organizations to success in the creation of complex intelligence collection and analytical structures and robust analytical teams. A published author with numerous articles covering firearms, firearms instruction, counter terrorism, counter drug, and intelligence topics. Developed, trained and aggressively led specialized intelligence teams at all levels in finding, fixing, and supporting the finishing of this nation’s enemies.

A firearms enthusiast with 40+ years of experience in using firearms for hunting, competition, and self-defense. I’ve carried a concealed handgun officially or as a private citizen since 1986 and know what works and what doesn’t. I worked for over 15 years in environments where high levels of terrorist and criminal threats were a daily part of life and I’ve used a handgun in 3 violent confrontations. I study the human dynamics of lethal encounters and have completed my Force Science Institute certification in Force Science Analysis. I’ve trained with the best and have a proven ability to take students from their first experience with a handgun through intermediate and advanced levels of the modern technique, close range gun fighting, force on force, and low light skills.

Handgun Background

· 1982: Army Eastern Regional Combat Pistol Champion; Army Bronze Shooting Medal; 97th ARCOM Pistol Team Captain

· 1982: Maryland State IPSC Match

· 1983: Second Chance Match

· 1984-1987: Numerous Other IPSC Competitions

· 1991-1992: DEA Lima Country Office Pistol Team

· 1992: Peru National IPSC Match

· 1996: IPSC World Shoot XI, Brasilia, Brazil

· 2006- Pres: Numerous IDPA Matches

· 2016: IDPA 6 Gun Master (BUG, ESP, SSP, CCP, CDP, REV)

· 2016: IDPA Nationals

Handgun Training

· 1979: American Pistol Institute Basic Handgun

· 1983: John Farnam Advanced Pistol

· 1983: Lethal Force Institute: LFI-I

· 1999: Texas CHL Course

· 2003: Florida CHL Course

· 2003: Medley Police Department Intermediate Pistol

· 2011: IDPA Safety Officer

· 2011: Gunsite Basic Pistol 250—Expert, Gold Raven

· 2012: Gunsite Advance Pistol 499—Silver Raven

· 2012: NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course

· 2012: Suarez International Close Range Gunfighting Course

· 2013: Massad Ayoob Group Instructor Course

· 2013: Texas CHL Instructor Certification

· 2013: Suarez International Advanced Close Range Gunfighting Course

· 2013: Massad Ayoob Group MAG 80

· 2014: Suarez International Level I Instructor Certification: Basic Pistol, Close Range Gunfighting, Force on Force

· 2014: NRA Range Safety Officer

· 2015: Massad Ayoob Group Lethal Force Instructor

· 2015: Massad Ayoob Group MAG 40 Refresher

· 2016: Gunsite Defensive Vehicle Tactics Course

· 2016: Massad Ayoob Group MAG 40 Refresher

· 2016: Law of Self Defense Instructor Graduate

· 2017: Suarez International Red Dot Pistol Course

· 2018: Massad Ayoob Group MAG 40 Refresher

· 2019: Massad Ayoob Group MAG 40 Refresher

· 2019: Massad Ayoob Group Handgun Retention Refresher Course

· 2020: Massad Ayoob Group Instructor Re-certification Course

· 2020: USCCA Defensive Fundamentals Course

· 2020: National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association -- Red Dot Pistol Instructor Course

Rifle Background

· 1984-1986: Army Intelligence Center and School, Ft Huachuca Rifle Team

· 1991-1992: 2-Gun Competitions, Lima Peru

· 2006-Pres: Numerous IDPA-Style Carbine Matches

Rifle Training

· 1975-1979: US Army Infantryman

· 1975: 82nd Airborne Division Unit Sniper School Distinguished Graduate

· 1991-1992: DEA Lima Country Office Rifle/Submachine Gun Training

· 2015: Suarez International Level I Instructor Certification: Basic Rifle, Rifle Close Range Gunfighting

Shotgun Training

· 2019: Tom Given's Rangemaster Shotgun Instructor Course

Other Specialized Training

· 1979-1997: Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu Student and Instructor

· 2014: Graduate: Krav Maga Anti-Kidnapping Course

· 2014: Graduate: Defense Security Service Applied Physical Security Concepts Course

· 2014: Certification: Force Science Institute Ltd. certification in Force Science Analysis

· 2018: Attended Texas Bar Firearms Law Course

· 2018: Violence Dynamics (VioDy) Prime, Minneapolis, MN

· 2018: Texas School Safety Instructor Certification

· 2018: SIG Sauer P320 Armorer Certification
· 2019: Massad Ayoob Group MAG Kubotan® / Persuader Refresher