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Glock 42 - .380

Just picked up a Glock 42. I know a lot of people are bemoaning the fact that it is a .380 and not a single stack 9mm; however, caliber aside--it is a neat little pistol. Basically a downsized Glock; mini Glock; not sure (baby Glock already taken). It is slightly (ever so slightly) larger than a SIG P238.

Even though I have a fair sized hand, it feels pretty good. Trigger is pretty stiff at 8 lbs and a couple of ounces. Reminds me of a Glock with a New York Trigger. It has a smooth steady pull (no stacking) with a crisp break and a snappy reset.

Nasty plastic Glock sights--can't wait until someone makes some aftermarket steel sights for it.

I'll have it at the range this weekend and will provide an update when I have put a few rounds through it. I plan to use this Glock as a training pistol so we'll see how it holds up.

If you or your spouse (significant other) want to try the Glock 42, sign up for the Try Before You Buy; Pre-CHL Class on
22 March 14. You can find the link to this class under the: Handgun Classes category.
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Last weekend I spent an enjoyable, if expensive afternoon at the range with the Glock 42. I tested the newest Glock with a variety of premium self-defense ammunition including the 90 grain Hornady Critical Defense, the Winchester 95 grain Supreme Elite, the 80 grain Cor-Bon DPX, the Speer 90 grain Gold Dot, the Magtech 85 grain Guardian Gold, and standard 90 grain ball ammunition. I fired 20 rounds each of the premium self-defense ammunition brands--enough to form a good preliminary opinion.

The Hornady in the Cor-Bon DPX both experienced one failure to feed out of the total of 20 rounds. The other premium brands and 150 rounds of the ball ammunition fed through the pistol flawlessly. I’ve seen other reviews that indicated there are some rounds that this pistol doesn’t like; however, the copy I have really was not that picky. Of course 20 rounds is insufficient to base your life on a particular brand; however, I believe that it will not be that difficult to find a self-defense round that provides typical GLOCK performance and reliability.

The Glock 42 is a small, easily concealable pistol that’s designed to be carried. That said, it’s also a little larger than a lot of other .380 options out there (e.g., the Kel Tec, Ruger, SIG, Kahr). It will go into a pocket holster if your pants pockets are large enough. Holster carry on the belt should be very comfortable. I’ve carried a SIG P238 in a holster for years—it’s easy to forget it’s on your belt. I expect no less from the little 42.

For shooters with smaller hands, the G42 feels ideal. Like the SIG P238, having real, useable sights on a .380 is a nice addition. The stout trigger pull did not seem to be a hindrance to reasonably accurate shooting. At 10 yards standing, shooting 10 rounds, the Hornady Critical Defense produced a 2-inch group, the Winchester Supreme Elite produced a 3-inch group, the Cor Bon DPX a 2-inch group, the Speer Gold Dot a 3-inch group, and the Magtech a 3-inch group.

I believe that Glock 42 to be a worthy addition to the Glock line-up. It was accurate, reliable, and pleasant to shoot.