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New!  Special Pistol/Shotgun/PCC Short Range Match: 29 December 2018
A special Shotgun/Pistol/PCC Short Range Match. There will be 2 Pistol stages, 2 Shotgun/PCC stages, and 1 Pistol/Shotgun/PCC stage. Paper targets for pistol, steel targets for shotgun/PCC. You can shoot only your pistol or only your PCC if you wish.
Video recorded, real-life events and adapted for a square range


Product Code: SRM


NEXT MATCH: Saturday - 29 December 2018


Cost: $25.00 for one run, an additional $10.00 for a 2nd gun

LOCATION:Cedar Ridge Range

Weather Call: Please check here for last minute weather calls the morning of the match.

You can shoot only your pistol if you wish or do not have a shotgun or PCC, pistol and shotgun, PCC only, or any combination.

Ammunition: Up to 150 rounds pistol (if shooting pistol only), 100 Rounds pistol, 50 rounds Shotgun or up to 150 rounds PCC depending upon how you shoot the match (double for 2 guns).

EQUIPMENT: You need your pistol, 3 magazines (minimum), a holster, and magazine carrier. Revolver shooters need the equivalent for their pistols.

A shotgun (pump or auto), #7 to #9 Lead Birdshot ONLY! No buckshot, slugs, or shot larger than #7. No sling needed for the shotgun. Belt pouch or vest to hold shotgun reloads.


A Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) in 9mm, 10mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP. These calibers ONLY--no .556, .300 Blk Out, etc. If you shoot a pistol caliber carbine you may (if you wish) shoot the entire match with your PCC.

For More Information or Questions: or

This will be a special Shotgun/Pistol or PCC Short Range Match. There will be 2 Pistol-only stages, 2 Shotgun-only stages, and 1 Transition Pistol/Shotgun stage. Paper targets for pistol and steel targets for shotgun.

You can shoot only your pistol if you wish or do not have a shotgun. You may also shoot the entir match with your PCC if you wish.

The short-range course of fire match follows IDPA-style safety principles and generally will have all targets at no more than 10 yards. Most stages are based upon a real-life events that were recorded on video and adapted for a square range. Otherwise, it is a regular course of fire, with many stages requiring a reload. When I send out the match results I include a link to the videos for the events from that match. The idea is for the shooter to solve the problem and then view the video of the actual event to understand how it happened in real-life.

A short-range course of fire match makes carry-suitable handguns more competitive. Ideally, shooters will use a pistol they carry to shoot the match--if you can legitimately say you carry a specific pistol, you may use it in the Short-Range Match. All pistols may be loaded to capacity and the match may have reloads on the clock.

Shooters may use any functional and safe belt holster and magazine carrier/speed loader carrier. Shooters may reload from the pocket; however, no drawing from the pocket, a fanny pack, shoulder holster, etc. If in doubt, please ask.

If you do not have a belt holster for your pistol, please bring it in a case. Shooters w/o holsters will begin from the low ready and will have 2.00 seconds added to their time for each string begun from the low ready.

Sign up is between 0900 - 0945hrs; Please make every effort to be on time for signup and don't wait until the last minute.

Set Up: Set up assistance sincerely appreciated. Please arrive at 7:50 a.m

Click on the link to the left for a look at a recent Short Range Match scenario.

Having Fun with the Shotgun!
A Good Beating is Sometimes Helpful

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