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Our Instruction--Reflecting Reality:

Our classes prepare you to safely operate your firearm, effectively carry your concealed pistol, to effectively deploy it, and sensibly use it to defend yourself or others within the bounds of Texas law. We are not solely focused on what happens in the controlled training environment. As such, our instructors are always searching for better and more efficient methods. We will never tell you "Because that's the way we've always done it," or "Because that's what we learned in some class” when you ask a question. We know what happens in a fight because we've been there and seen it first-hand. Our courses reflect the reality of a real world fight. Whether you are taking a basic class or have progressed to advances topics, our instruction will help you prevail in such situations.

Focused on the Student:

We are not a "certificate factory" shooting school that simply takes you through a “cookie-cutter experience,” our classes strive to prepare you for the real world and what you may face there. Although our instructors all have extensive real-world experience, they check their ego at the door—we don’t glorify our instructors nor do we promote the "eliteness" of those with whom we're associated. Our instructors are there for the student and focus upon improving our student’s ability to effectively defend themselves in a variety of situations. We treat our students with respect and courtesy—you are in our class to learn a life-saving skill—not to be treated like a boot camp recruit. Please read our testimonials page to see what our students have to say.

Building a Foundation:

All of us have a different foundation of experience, different body types, dexterity levels, and ability. Many courses do not recognize these differences and try to force every student into some preconceived mold. You will not see that in our classes. We teach students a firearms-based, self defense conceptual foundation and encourage our students to take these fundamental concepts and make them a daily part of their lives.

At the end of the day:

The training that Sensible Self Defense provides has its basis in proven, real world techniques from the past and the present. At the basic level, we teach our students how to safely live with firearms in their environment. At the more advanced levels, we teach our students how to think through a situation and thereby how to win a potentially lethal encounter—not merely how to shoot at a paper target on a square range. We are committed to helping you grow as a responsible firearms owner and to making you a person who can effectively defend themselves and others. I hope you enjoy visiting Sensible Self Defense and we hope to serve you in a class very soon.