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Short Range Match
  Recent Short Range Match Scenario
NEXT MATCH: 9 June 2019

Cost: $25.00 and $10.00 for a 2nd gun if you wish to shoot twice
LOCATION: Cedar Ridge Range, 7110 Farm to Market 1863, Bulverde, TX ; (830) 980-4424;

This will be a special Shotgun / Pistol / PCC Short Range Match. There will be 2 Pistol-only stages, 2 Shotgun/PCC-only stages, and 1 Transition Pistol/Shotgun or PCC stage. Paper targets for pistol and steel targets for shotgun. You can shoot only your pistol if you wish or do not have a shotgun or only your PCC.

Ammunition: 175 Rounds pistol (if shooting only your pistol) and 100 rounds pistol and 75 rounds Shotgun or up to 175 rds of Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) depending upon how you shoot the match.

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The Short Range stages are based upon a real-life events that were recorded on video and adapted for a square range. Otherwise, it is a regular course of fire, with a lot of movement and many stages requiring a reload.
Short Range Match 9 June 2019

A match where you safely learn proper self defense techniques while having fun!