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Why Suarez International? I am convinced that that Gabe and Suarez International got it right. I have studied with many of the gurus of the Modern Technique (MT) and I do believe there is a place for the MT in training progression. However, many proponents of the MT stop there. "Advanced" for these instructors means doing the same thing faster or at a greater distance--it does not mean doing something different. More than any other single concept, this is where Suarez International got it right. I believe that Suarez International's close range gun fighting curriculum could save your life.

I am a former Suarez International Affiliate Instructor. I am certified to teach Defensive Pistol Marksmanship, Close Range Pistol Gunfighting, Pistol Force On Force, Rifle Gunfighting I (basic), and Rifle Gunfighting II (close range rifle). Certification involves attending an instructor-training course, learning the material, and passing a proficiency evaluation. In Sensible Self Defense classes, you will receive the same quality instruction you would receive from Suarez International instructors.