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OUR PURPOSE - Sensible Self Defense, Inc. exists to provide our students and customers with the highest level of reality-based training and the best customer service possible. To help us achieve this goal, we have established and posted our policies and restrictions, to which we strictly adhere. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these policies and how they may affect you and your particular situation please contact us at:

Sensible Self Defense, Inc. reserves the right to change our course fees, payment, refund, and cancellation policies as necessary and at any time.

CLASS ENROLLMENTS - We sell seats in our classes and courses on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. Since many of our classes do fill to capacity, it is in your best interest to enroll as early as possible. You can pay for your class via our online shopping cart, Telephone, or Mail. A minimum of 50% deposit of course fee is required to hold your position in class for multi-day courses (for example MAG 20). Texas CHL classes and some of our classes lasting one day or less must be paid for in full at time of enrollment so please plan accordingly. Your full payment helps us to operate at our best!

FINAL PAYMENT - If you make a deposit for a multi-day course, the balance for the course is due no later than 15 days prior to the course date. Failure to pay the balance will result in your position and deposit being forfeited. Deposits and payments from students who do not show on the day of the course are forfeited. This includes credit vouchers transferred from a previous class.

SAFETY - By enrolling in a Sensible Self Defense, Inc. course or class, a students agrees to strictly follow these safety rules:

a. All firearms are always loaded.

b. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. Muzzle discipline is non negotiable. If a student points a firearm at an instructor or another student the instructor will require that student to IMMEDIATELY DEPART THE CLASS.

c. Always keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are intentionally/consciously firing a shot.

d. Always be sure of your target and what’s behind it.

DISRUPTIVE STUDENTS - Although extremely rare, occasionally a disruptive student will enroll in a class. If a student fails to follow safety rules, refuses to follow classroom policies, refuses to follow instructions, or in any other way disrupts the class or places instructors or students at risk of bodily harm—The instructor will require that student to IMMEDIATELY DEPART THE CLASS. FAILURE TO DO SO ONCE THE INSTRUCTOR OR SOMEONE WITH APPARENT AUTHORITY TO ACT FOR INSTRUCTOR PROVIDES NOTICE TO THE PERSON BY ORAL OR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION, THAT STUDENT IS COMMITTING CRIMINAL TRESSPASS under Texas Penal Code Title 7, Sec. 30.05. Criminal Trespass and is subject to immediate arrest.

WEATHER AND/OR ADVERSE CONDITIONS - We conduct our training under all conditions (Heat, Cold, Wet, Muddy, etc). We will not cancel a class on account of inclement weather, so please do not call and ask for a refund because you believe it is too hot or too cold. We will be there and we expect you to be there as well dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. If the weather becomes untenable or unsafe, (lighting conditions, blizzards, hurricanes, etc.) the instructor will make the call with regards to any class cancellation or postponement.

CUSTOMER CANCELLATIONS - Our policies concerning customer cancellations are in place to protect our interests and to deter costly last-minute cancellations. However, we understand that life sometimes intrudes on our best-laid plans. If you DO have a personal emergency, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do everything within our power to work with you and facilitate your attendance. IF A CUSTOMER CANCELS:

a. AT LEAST 30 DAYS prior to a class and the customer has paid in full, the customer may choose between either a 90% REFUND of the total course fee(s) - or - a 100% credit voucher good for any future Sensible Self Defense, Inc. class or course.

b. LESS THAN 30 DAYS BUT MORE THAN 15 DAYS prior to a class, customer may choose either a 25% refund of the total course fee(s) - or - a 75% credit voucher good for any future Sensible Self Defense, Inc. class or course.

c. 15 DAYS OR LESS prior to a class, NO REFUND will be given. Alternately, a 50% credit voucher good for any future Sensible Self Defense, Inc. class or course.


NOTE: Credit vouchers for training will be held for 1 year from the date of issue unless other arrangements have been made to redeem the voucher. Only 1 transfer allowed per original course fee(s) paid. If the customer cancels attendance in a class in which an existing credit voucher was used, the entire credit is forfeited.

IF SENSIBLE SELF DEFENSE, INC. CHANGES AND/OR CANCELS A CLASS OR COURSE: We do everything in our power to ensure every class and course goes on as scheduled; however, we reserve the right to postpone classes, substitute instructors, or change the venue of the scheduled training course if absolutely necessary and unavoidable. Classes outside our local operating area (San Antonio and Austin Texas) require a minimum of 15 students. If a class fails to have a minimum enrollment, Sensible Self Defense, Inc. may postpone, reschedule, or cancel the class. In such cases we will provide adequate notice of this and/or the new course dates as soon as possible. In these extreme cases if a student cannot or does not wish to attend the course on the new course date we will issue a 100% refund or credit voucher good for any future Sensible Self Defense, Inc. class or course.

If a class must be cancelled without being rescheduled, a 100% refund will be issued to the students or an offer will be made for vouchers of equal or greater value.

In the event of an act of war or terrorism, unavailability of ground or air travel due to natural disaster or terrorism, or air travel delays due to terrorism, natural disasters, extreme weather, or political unrest, airline strikes, or any other reason or occurrence outside our control that causes the instructor not to be able to travel or for any other reason causes the unexpected postponement of the course, a full credit voucher will be issued equal to the course fee. This voucher shall not have an expiration date. There will be no refunds issued in these extreme cases.

FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY - Our training is presented for lawful information purposes only and without any intent that the material will be used by anyone for unlawful purposes. You expressly warrant that you are a United States citizen, at least 21 years of age (18 years if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian—please call for specific requirements), and that your ownership of firearms complies with all local, state, and federal laws and ordinances. The purchase, use, and ownership of firearms is subject to a wide variety of laws and regulations and firearms may not be permitted on government property and/or in government buildings including airports, schools, court houses, offices, monuments, etc. Due to the complex and frequently changing nature of firearms laws and regulations, it is impossible for Sensible Self Defense, Inc. to be aware of every restriction in every location where a firearm may be carried or used. Therefore, You the student and not Sensible Self Defense, Inc. are responsible for investigating, knowing, and complying with all laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. You (the student) expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless Sensible Self Defense, Inc. for all claims resulting directly or indirectly from ownership, possession, or use of firearms in violation of any local, state, or federal laws or ordinances.

SPECIAL NOTE - INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Regrettably, due to US Government (ITAR) restrictions imposed on American businesses our courses of instruction are only available to US Citizens.

Non-US Citizens cannot be accepted in any of our training programs.

VIDEOS OF CLASS - We do not allow any video to be shot in class except by Sensible Self Defense, Inc. staff.

Thank you for your interest in Sensible Self Defense, Inc. classes and courses. We look forward to training with you!

Eric L. Lamberson.

President, Sensible Self Defense, Inc.

Updated: 09/08/13